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Ineffable Poster Child of the Day!

The Person, Political Party, Media, or just ordinary citizen whom epitomize illogical statements, principles, reasons, arguments, impossibilities, contradictions, and paradoxes.

Daily Nit Pick ~

China has charged the United States with Human Rights Violations!
The Huffington Post published this: China Slams U.S. Human Rights Record The Huffington Post | by Stephen Calabria Posted: 02/28/2014 2:09 pm

A Chinese government report published on Friday accused the United States of “serious infringements on human rights.” See the story here:here:

The Republican quest for total annhilation of basic human rights has drawn world attention highlighting for all 3rd world conditions throughout much of Republican controlled regions, voter rights denial, and manipulation of elections.

License to Murder / predate upon People of Color, Non-Christians, and poor under the guise of "Stand Your Ground" laws, highlight a few of the violations of basic human rights the US has demanded globally for all other cultures.

Is Your Elected Official working
For or Against You?

susan davis

Susan Carol Alpert Davis, U.S. Representative for California's 53rd congressional district, calendar of meaningful diligent work on behalf of her constituency-sponsored bills in 2013:

Juror Non-Discrimination Act of 2013
Universal Right to Vote by Mail Act of 2013
Diverse Teachers Recruitment Act of 2013
Securing Teacher Effectiveness, Leadership, Learning, And Results Act of 2013
Medicare Diabetes Prevention Act of 2013
Iron Dome Support Act
Short Sale Transparency Act of 2013
Equal Justice for Our Military Act of 2013
Federal Election Integrity Act of 2013
School Principal Recruitment and Training Act of 2013

Congrasswoman Davis' co-sponsored bills are detailed on her site, here: here:

Hints at possible helps as Republican generated disasters strike home AGAIN ~


Facing Homelessness, here's a list of 10 MUST HAVE items to give you best chance of survival:

  1. If you have been notified you will no longer receive unemployment - contact Utilities, notify them of your situation. Make arrangements NOW break the balance due up and get referral to local "Resource" to assist with keeping the lights on

  2. Re-evaluate your "Needs" list. Eliminate all that is not absolutely necessary for your daily survival (i.e.: Determine ultimate difference between your Want and Need. Want is convenience Need is survival.);

  3. Contact your lending institutio ,if you are a homeowner / your landlord if you are renter. Explain your situation and negotiate deferrment of your payment;

  4. IF Republicans continue and you are evicted: Each member of your home must have a backpack, in that backpack, a sweater/outer garment, matches/lighter; identification , all medications and extra set of glasses; Do not make a target of yourselves, do not wear jewelry/ watches /rings.

  5. Stop all automatic withdrawals/payments from your bank account (do not allow fees to rob you of much needed cash.) DO NOT PUT CASH IN YOUR BACKPACK, hide it on your person (father/mother) in a shoe, bra or other inaccessable spot;

  6. Make a bedroll(blanket/quilt) and tie it underneath your backpack (it gets cold at night - early dawn)

  7. An adult must stay awake and on guard if you become homeless and have to sleepout in public. Police are a bigger threat than the criminals/gangs out there; They are armed, dangerous, with a liscense to kill, and / or inflict pain. Your children are at risk with these officers of the law, keep them away from Law Enforcement!

  8. Before going homeless, google for local resources for emergency shelter / food, make a list and enroll.

  9. TRUST NOBODY outside your immediate group.

For comprehensive detail for surviving Republican Generated Homelessness Go to Surviving GOP Terror Attacks;